Revel in Miracles


Taking a page written by Eugene Loh from “A Slice of Life“, a regular programme on the 938Live radio station :

Think of the last cool drink you had. Did you fully savour just how wonderful it felt and tasted?

What about the last conversation you had with a loved one on the mobile phone? Were you grateful for the technology that made it possible?

What about the last time you were late for an appointment, desperately wished for a cab and there it was?

How often do we celebrate and revel in the miracles that occur in our every day lives?

The bane of Man is that he tends to focus on life’s problems and ignore its blessings. We rant and rave when things go wrong, but when life is good, do we give thanks for it? The very fact that you are walking, talking, breathing, tasting, touching is a miracle in itself! We live in a world bursting with possibility and here we are complaining all the time!

Life was meant to be savoured. Life was meant to be simple. Sure, it has its fair share of problems, but these are mitigated by its pleasures and joys. The reason why you are feeling all this pain and misery is that you have magnified the complexity of things. Children are never miserable, at least not for long, and your pets are ridiculously excited at your return? why? Not because they’re mindless? not because they’re not intelligent enough? but because they know how to see things in simple ways? the ways they were supposed to be seen.

External forces act on us now and then to test our faith and will. Would you really want to give in to confusion, chaos, and complexity? when all you need to do to be happy, is to see things simply, and revel in everything that’s being revealed to you?
Most people are so busy waiting for miracles to happen that they fail to notice the ones occurring right under their noses. It’s a bit like people who spend their lives hunting desperately for the partner of their dreams, while ignoring the ones who would gladly share their lives with them.

If we open up our hearts, minds and eyes, we’ll be touched by the many miracles that occur everyday. These things and more exist to increase the depth of our lives, yet how many of them do we appreciate for the miracles that they are?

Change your perspective and you could change your life.


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