Health benefits of Papaya


[Comments from a friend.]

The tropical fruit papaya has got all you need. Vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, anti inflammatory enzymes, papein and chymopapein and other powerful enzymes yet unknown.

Papaya cured me of my long standing oesteoarthritis together with the American drug combination glucosamine/chondritin. Take heed you ladies deep in the post-menopause stage. Remember what I said about papaya. It will do wonders for you.

I play badminton with full vigor, still have a hard smash, despite age mid 60 approx. That’s because of papaya.

13 Responses to “Health benefits of Papaya”

  1. Shalu Says:

    Hi, My mom has been diagnised to be having osteoarthritis in the initial stage. How did you take Papaya(when in the day and how much) and how did it cure your osteoarthritis? Is there any routine you followed? My mom does not take much papaya as she says it generates a lot of body heat.

  2. Yondi (Holistic Nutritionist) Says:

    Papaya contains enzyme called PAPAIN – it is an anti-inflammatory. So that can be used to reduce pain. However, to truly obtain full benefits of this for pain-reduction, one probably needs to eat A LOT of papaya.

    The author suggested glucosamine and that is right. It helps maintain joints, bones and reduce pain.

    As far as i know, it is more a neutral fruit, not heaty. However, individual reactions always differ. A slice a day should be fine. But it is better to rotate the fruits you eat, so that you eat more different types of fruits. See how your mom reacts to it. Eating too much can lead to loose bowels too.

  3. diamondsandrust Says:

    Glad I’m going back to Thailand,it will be Papaya every day for Breakfast.
    It is a very good obstipation deterrent in hot climates too.

  4. Phyllis Slater Says:

    I recently purchased a digestive enzyme made from papaya. In an effort to learn more, I found this website.

    Constipation has always been a problem and the bloated feeling after eating is why I decided to try it.

    So far taking after every meal has made a difference and actually tastes good.

    Can this take the place of multi vitamin/minerals? How much Vitamin E does it provide. I have an eye condition that requires less than 30 mg. of Vitamin E. However, maybe in this form it wouldn’t be a problem. Any feedback.

  5. Kwee Lain Says:

    A friend’s feedback for you :

    Stomach bloating can be due to indigestion..low stomach acid.

    So some ways to overcome can be to consume only small meals…less oily… or take a bit of vinegar with meals… or take an acid supp..which will be very helpful.

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  7. Rickett Says:

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  8. Claffey Says:

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  9. La Says:

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  10. Rodeen Says:

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  11. Janette Says:

    How is the skin good for (organic papaya that is) ?

  12. Kwee lain | Gofites Says:

    […] Health benefits of Papaya « From All and For AllAug 17, 2007 … by Kwee Lain. [Comments from a friend.] The tropical fruit papaya has got all you need. Vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, anti inflammatory enzymes, … […]

  13. Tonda Lingardo Says:

    Health benefits of Papaya | From All and For All

    […]It is primarily blame targeted and never process focused.[…]

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