The Art of Being Well — Dr. Dráuzio Varella


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  1. margarert solis Says:

    I would like to print the words to this beautiful piece. Is there a way I can access the written words?

  2. cynici Says:

    When you click on the “on SlideShare” link, the new page will contain a link to download the whole Microsoft Powerpoint file. Then you can print it.

    If your PC does not have any software to open the Powerpoint file, you can download a free viewer from Microsoft web site

  3. Charles Says:

    Save the file, it will save on powerpoint.
    copy and paste the words to a word document

  4. Norman H. Boyd Says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful and beautiful power point. I will try the above to get a hard copy. Norm

  5. barbara Says:

    would love to print the words to this?????????

  6. Ashley Warrenton-Smith Says:

    Thank you so much for this breathtaking slide show. May I ask who took the photographs? They are some of the most beautiful that I have seen. The music is equisite as well.

    Please let me know.

    My very best wishes to you.


  7. sera Says:

    Have seen the beautiful slide show with lovely words and photographs.

    Can you tell me what the melody is called that is also played?

    Thank you,

    serakat 🙂

  8. Ashley Warrenton-Smith Says:

    Good morning,

    I am in the process of building a website for my energetic healing practice. I would very much like to use the breathtaking photo of clouds and light. In order to do so, I need the photographer’s contact information so I can obtain permission. Would you please provide that to me?

    Also, I love the music that you used. Would you please give me the name of the music and the artist so I can buy it?

    Thank you so very much!


  9. kl Says:

    I am not able to provide the info you want as this beautiful sharing was forwarded to me by a friend. I have no idea who is the producer.

    Best wishes for your forthcoming website.

    Warm regards

  10. Kimberly Trent Says:

    Gracias Dr. Drauzio Varella! My heart and soul thanks you too! The Art of Being Well video was the healing message that encouraged me to find the necessary strength to change the direction of my life. I learned to “Speak My Truth” and made the Decision to follow my heart, to change my destiny . . . the one I was meant for. Your video is the best medicine I’ve ever had! I’m fortunate to have received the video-email from my sister-in-law, Shelly. I watch it often and will always share it & pass it on to friends & family. Thank you , thank you, thank you !!!

    With Sincere Gratitude,

    Kimberly Trent

  11. loyiso Says:

    this is a very nice video

  12. KismetKat11 Says:

    This defaults to PPS (powerpoint slideshow). To be able to cut and paste the words, you need to convert it to a PPT (powerpoint) document. You should be able to just change the extension to .ppt (from .pps) and it should work. If the extension isn’t visible (due to lovely new defaults from Vista), you can go to Start –> Control Panel –> Folder Options –> View (Tab) and make sure that the box for “Hide Extensions for Known File Types” is NOT checked. Also, the song embedded is: Ernesto Cortazar’s version of “Fly Me To the Moon”. Hope this helps!

  13. Cyril Says:

    I would like to include this beautiful powerpoint on my webpage. Who do I contact for authorisation?

  14. marianne wilson Says:

    Could you please tell me where I can get a printed virsion of this.

    Thank you, it is beautifully stated.

  15. Frani Says:

    Have looked all over for music by Ernesto Cortazar and it can’t be found. I really don’t think the name of the song is “Fly Me To The Moon” I know a different melody..

  16. Kay Says:

    I have found the music which can be purchased for $0.9 at a legal music download site. It is on the disk “Plays Frank Sinatra” at site:

  17. Necitas G. Layola, Jr. Says:

    Amazing but i need more biblical references because for me the Bible is the ultimate source of inspirations, directions in life. God bless us all. happy new year

  18. MAKEDA Says:


  19. Jana Says:

    Beautiful LOVE IT!!

  20. Fahad Says:

    Amazing but not able to get how illness is linked with all this!

  21. semwanga joshua Says:

    it’ssimply nice1

  22. Henri Laurence Says:

    Would like to get The Art of Being Well in spanish

    • Nate Natesan Says:

      Root cause analysis of the Self
      Análisis de Causa Raíz o Auto-Introspección
      1) Release me from the never-ending chain of desires
      Hazme Libre de mis deseos interminables
      So I may live in peace with Absolute contentment
      Para poder vivir en paz con absoluto contentamiento
      2) Free my mind from the darkness of lust
      As libre mi mente de la obscuridad de mis lujurias
      And fill my soul with the light of divine Love
      Y llena mi alma con la luz de tu divino Amor
      3) Let me not live to eat & indulge in the unreal outer shelf
      No permitas que viva obsecionado por las cosas materiales e irreales del mundo
      Eat but to live & realize my Real Inner Self
      Solo las necesarias para vivir y así encontrarme a mi mismo
      4) Let me not use words as missiles that injure
      No permitas que use mis palabras como dardos para herir
      Use them but gentle sparingly for comfort & cure
      Permíteme usarlas apacibles y escasamente para confortar y dar alivio
      5) Let me not forget my brittle dwelling of glass
      No permitas que olvide la fragilidad de mi vida
      So throw not I stones wherever I glance
      Y que lance piedras en todas direcciones que dirija mi vista
      6) Enlighten my mind with the knowledge of thee
      Aclara mi mente con tu conocimiento
      And releasing the weight that scholarship brings
      Y liberarme del peso que el conocimiento del mundo trae
      7) Detach my SELF from the bondage of my ego
      Apartáme de la esclavitud de mi EGO
      So differentiated am I no more
      Para que jamás haga yo diferencias entre la gente
      8) Let good tidings of others forever bring joy unqualified
      Déjame que las buenas noticias de los demás me haga feliz sin diferencia alguna.
      And merge my soul with that of one & all
      Y fusionar mi alma con la de uno y con las de todos
      9) Inspire in me the sense of surrender at thy Lotus Feet
      Inspírame a sentir y a entregarme a tus pies
      So sorrow not I see, but your dance to stay on my feet
      Para no ver la tristesa dentro de mi, y poder seguir tus pies y ser feliz
      10) Let me not do any work for rewards & fame
      No permitas que trabaje para obtener recompensas y fama
      But let every act be dedicated to thy Name
      Pero, déjame dedicar todo lo que hago a tu Nombre
      11) Help me eliminate the chatter in my mind
      Ayúdame a eliminar la palabrería de mi mente
      So I stay connected with thy Name on my mind
      Para estar conectado a tu Nombre en mi mente
      12) Help me to enrich & protect my subjective mind
      Ayúdame a enriquecer y protege mi mente subjetiva
      To filter & deflect the objective mind
      Para filtrar y desechar mi mente objetiva
      13) Help me to rid the fear so I am ever fearless
      Ayúdame a liberarme del miedo y ser audaz
      So I am true to Your Will & nature as a free Will
      Para tener una voluntad libre y tu naturaleza

      14) When you finally Grace me to thy shore
      Cuando tu finalmente me des de tu Gracia para estar en el cielo
      Let me please come with my friends Galore
      Permíte me por favor estar con mis todos mis amigos
      By Nate Natesan
      Translated in Spanish by Sergio Luna

  23. Lisette Los Says:


  24. samira Says:

    Be well at home is a major human concern, because the house, apartment or studio is a place of healing, rest and personal growth. It is a place where warmth, love, compassion, listening and respect should be on the menu every day. Pay attention to its interior is promordial so that we would feel at ease and happy.

  25. aadeniyi Says:

    Being a professional is not just enough, but being able to heal wounds with what you do is a great achievement. Well dove doctor, i appreciate you.

  26. sherifshorg Says:

    As a matter of fact, the best way to have a free mind is to express ones feelings particularly when offended or aggrieved. Keeping grudges within oneself creates problem to the entire body system. Also, learn how to settle grievances through dialogue

  27. Ewa Says:

    Could you please send to me scores Fly me to the moon Ernesto Cortazar It woul grate becouse i really need it. Many Thank

  28. cloud computing video Says:

    Wow, I enjoyed your neat post.

  29. Jacqueline Gay Says:

    Wow! this power point really opened my mind to how we as people can produce our own sicknesses and these words are very true in the spiritual aspect of life and living. These words are an inspiration and help to finding a peaceful life and soul

  30. Une exp�dition et esot�risme. Says:

    Vous avez toute ma gratitude pour cette denr�e. On en sommerait de l’extra avec tellement de fantaisie.

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  33. Kevin Misch Says:

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