Life is a Challenge. Make it.
Life is a Gift. Accept it.
Life is an Adventure. Dare it.
Life is a Sorrow. Overcome it.
Life is a Duty. Perform it.
Life is a Game. Play it.
Life is a Tragedy. Face it.
Life is an Opportunity. Take it.
Life is a Puzzle. Solve it.
Life is a Song. Sing it.
Life is a Journey. Complete it.
Life is a Promise. Fulfill it.
Life is a Love. Enjoy it.
Life is a Beauty. Praise it.
Life is a Struggle. Fight it.
Life is a Mystery. Unhold it.
Life is a Goal. Achieve it.
Life is a Spirit Divine. Realise it.

3 Responses to “Life”

  1. Yap Says:

    What a wonderful message. It is all about LIFE and
    living it positively. Yes, when life is down, it is
    really tough. However, nothing is permanent. Life
    moves on. I am very inspired by the message.

  2. SM Says:

    Life is never fair. We have to just accept what comes by.

    It is easy to say so for one when life is smooth.
    However think of the Pink Peddlers, these are the people I admire.

    Someone quoted: live each day as if it was the last…..

    Live to the fullest, whatever you want/wish to do, do it.
    As long as you feel you have done your best, the result doesn’t matter

    Never regret, just look forward, past experiences are our stepping
    stones to move further, better….

  3. hoope Says:

    I use to be like that.. i use to ask people not to give up .. i use to smile when i most wanted to cry .. i never gave up .. i knew the future will change.
    However, its nice to read this to just fill our life with a hope , maybe in vain but its still hope !!!

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