Communication skills with the elderly


Use of Appropriate Skills Under Different Situations

Influential Factors Communication Skills
Physical Aspects i). Hearing Deterioration in hearing Go nearer to the elder to speak Speak with a slower pace Encourage the elder to use appropriate hearing aid Use gestures and facial expressions Use diagrams, or write down the message for the elder to read
ii). Vision Cataract and long-sightedness are common problems Introduce the environment and the people around
Psychological Aspect i) Thinking – Difference in the way of thinking- Prejudice

ii) Mood
– Can affect the quality of communication

Appreciate the standpoint and feelings of others from their angle Immediate feedback and confirmation to reduce misunderstandings Exchange of opinions so as to reach agreement Beware of whether your opinion is logical and based on reason Do not allow illogical beliefs to affect your judgment and analysis. Pay attention to each other’s mood Be considerate and soothe the emotions

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