May All Beings Be Free


When we were young, growing old and frail appears to be far 2 away…
The world appears to be ours, and our bodies a joy to behold …
And so we seeked for “happiness” of the senses …

We thought that the rewards of wine, women and song was to be seeked, and that it will be THE HAPPINESS …

For those blessed with little dust in the eyes, The Buddha’s teachings came to us … and like an elephant’s footprint which is BIG and can take in all the other animals’ footprints, the Dhamma is all encompassing and profound. It opened our eyes.

Now we realised that Aging, Sickness and Death are like an avalanche coming inexorably …

None can escape as all of us are here because of conditions and will change ceaselessly as conditions change…

So while we can, we better train our minds, learn and be GOOD before it is too late…. It is NOT easy to train an old dog, or bend matured bamboo, better do it when we are young, okok,.. relatively young!

Who knows what we may become in the next life! With all our attachments, we may become something that is great in attaching!

Let us cross this river of samsara instead of running up and down at the riverbanks!

Better stop building and amassing material things as they are like a house of cards, a small wind of change and its all gone to our lamentation and sorrow

The Bodhi tree is still here BUT any old tree will suffice, sit underneath and look within

Before we fall into the depths of the lower realms as a result of our Greed, Ill will and Ignorance

Death and birth is BUT 2 events linked in time by our Kamma

The Path is there, it is up to us to decide whether we want to walk it!

May the suffering ones be suffering-free.
May the fear struck fearless be.
May the grieving ones shed all grief.
May all beings find relief.

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