Taming the Tiger Within


[By Thich Nhat Hanh]


  • Faith is like the outcome of your life. As faith continues to grow, you continue to get the energy, because faith is also an energy like love. If we look deeply into the nature of our love, we will also see our faith. When we have faith in us, we are no longer afraid of anything.
  • If there is a distinction between true love and the kind of love that can only engender suffering and despair, the same can be said of faith. There is a kind of faith that sustains us and continues to give us strength and joy. Then there is the kind of faith that may disappear one morning or one evening and leave us completely lonely and lost.
  • If you touch suffering deeply in yourself and in other person, understanding will arise. When understanding arises, love and acceptance will also arise, and this will bring the suffering to an end.
  • True love is a love without possessiveness. You love and still you are free, and the person is also free. The kind of love that has no joy is not true love. There must be joy and freedom and understanding in love.
  • When we live in the present moment, it is possible to live in true happiness.
  • If you can breath in and out and walk in the spirit of ” I have arrived, I am home, in the here, in the now, ” then you will notice that you are becoming more solid and more free immediately. You have established yourself in the present moment, at your true address. Nothing can push you to run anymore, or make you so afraid. You are free from worrying about the past. You are not stuck, thinking about what has not happened yet and what you cannot control. You are free from guilt concerning the past, and the you are free from your worries about the future.

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