Letting Them Go


[Music & lyrics by Quek Hui Ling. Free download available on www.buddhistfellowship.org]

In the spring time, the flowers are blooming
All is beautiful and bright
Oh, hear all those green leaves rustling
See the trees swaying gently in the wind.

But suddenly a storm appears
Scaring all the flowers, trees and birds
And when the storm is gone
And the calm sets in,
You’ll see

Whatever’s left on the ground
Are not just wilting leaves
You’ll find that there are young ones too
Not even fully grown

But that’s the way the world is
You’ve got to learn that fast
Understand the law of nature
Be grateful they’ve come this far

No one can be with you forever
The sooner you realize this the better
Live better than those who have gone away
Carry on their legacy and honour

And in your heart you’ll have no fear
You can let go of those you hold so dear
Will you accept this truth
And put an end to all your tears

Cherish them when they’re here with you
But don’t cling on when they’ve to go
One day they must leave you
Just as one day you’ll leave them too.

Forgive whatever has happened
They now belong to the past
Give them your blessings to go in peace
Practice all that you preach at last

No one can live forever
This body we can’t control
Our real home is inner peace
Some day we’ll have to let it go.

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