Selfish Humans


We tear the entire forest down,
Forever in the name of progress,
To build more and bigger towns,
And to get rid of the swampy ” mess “.

Never did we think that to us,
Is easy land for the taking besides the wood,
But for the insects and the birds,
Is where they find their livelihood.

It’s bad enough if used to house communities,
But to clear vast tracts of virgin land,
For the sole purpose of a golfing minority,
Is too great a sacrifice to comprehend.

If the denizens of the wild can really converse,
What story will they be telling us,
“Please give us back our precious forests,
For they really do belong to us first “.

Historically humans have a very nasty
Disregard for nature and its beauty,
All we ever think about is money, money, money,
And instead of others, its always me, me, me.

If we are to continue to survive as a species,
Man have to be more sensitive to nature’s fate,
Can’t go on burning forest, polluting the seas,
Do something now before it’s all too late.

—- by  Simon Chan Kee Mun

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