Premission From The Land


[From DailyOM ]

When we acknowledge that every thing on our planet has its own energy and spirit, we have the opportunity to begin acting from that knowledge. Rather than thinking of rocks and fallen leaves as inanimate objects, we can remember that these items carry the energy of their past and their surroundings into the present moment before becoming something else. Just as we are molecules in motion, so are all things in the material world. Working in harmony with the universe means acknowledging that we are the same as the land and the stars, that we are all connected, and that we are all in a state of becoming.

It may seem obvious for us to behave with respect and ask permission of an overarching spirit before we enter a sacred place, or set foot upon some place with a history that makes us deeply aware of its past. But we can extend that same respect to any area of land. Whether we are merely considering stepping on it for recreation, or we have plans for landscaping, building, or moving it into an existing structure, we can show our respect for all the spirits that have come before us by connecting to the underlying energy. Once we have done that, we can take a moment to ask permission before we move in, remodel, or build in that space.

Beneath the surface of even the smallest plot of land lie years and years of history. Each speck of dust, grain of sand, and clod of earth has history that dates from the beginning of time before it became one of the elements that make up our planet. By thinking before we attempt to claim ownership over the land, we really acknowledge that we can never really own it. Instead we can work with it to create something new in that space. When we connect to all the energies that make up the land around us, we honor them and connect to all who have come before us, and we can be guided by their voices and their ancient wisdom.


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