My Little Candle

‘My Little Candle’ speaks about the light; the light of sight, vision, hope, truth and journey. I have dedicated it to my mother who frequently warned me of the trappings of ‘dead knowledge’ in my schooling days. That it’s not how much I can get from knowledge, but rather, how much I can make sense of it in the world to make it a better and more beautiful place to be. Thanks mum and Mother Nature.  —–  By Jospeh Lai
My little candle
does shed
a little circle of light,
which guides
my way in life
on a migratory flight.
The warmth I feel
within my heart
it stays,
and in the setting suns
on my horizon
does my spirit plays.
Rejoice thus I
within its glow
a flicker on my cheeks does show,
to smile with nature’s creations
whose names
I need not know.
so might I remain
forever true and free
from snaring Dead knowledge,
to hold fast my candle vigil
over the lightness
of passage.
Whenence with age my eyes doth fail
I hope the sparkle within
to keep,
and follow my heart
into the wonders
of a star-spangled sleep.

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