Going Back By Going Within


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Events from childhood, our first experiences, have the power to shape our lives. Some do so immediately, offering us challenges to overcome and encouragement to make use of our talents and interests. In the process character is built, and we make the first steps upon our personal paths. Other events seem to lay dormant until adulthood, when our closest relationships help to bring out the deepest aspects of ourselves. This is when unexamined lessons can be put to use and untended childhood wounds make themselves known in a call for healing.

We may discover issues of trust coming up, or perhaps we find ourselves mirroring actions from our past instinctively. No matter the case, we have the power within us to heal ourselves at the deepest level. With the wisdom of an adult, we can be the loving parent or guardian we needed as a child. Knowing that we are each whole spiritual beings having a human experience, we can nurture ourselves from that wholeness, and then reach out to others as well. We can recreate scenarios in our mind’s eye, trying different outcomes and following them to their logical conclusions. In doing so, we may be able to imagine possible reasons a situation occurred as it did, and even accept that it could not have happened any other way. With the wisdom born from age and experience, we might be able to see events from a different perspective, bringing new understanding and freeing ourselves from any hold the past may have on us.

Life offers opportunities to clear these weeds in the gardens of our souls. However, when we want to focus on easier and more pleasant tasks, we are likely to pass up the chances, leaving the wounds to continue to drain our energy and resources for living life fully today. We might find we need support to face the events of the past, so turning to a trained professional who can offer tools for healing can be a valid choice. As long as we remember that the child we were lives on within us,  we are always free to go back and right old wrongs, correct mistaken perceptions, heal wounds, forgive, and begin anew.


2 Responses to “Going Back By Going Within”

  1. john Says:

    For me, bringing the adult parts of me and the child parts of me into positive contact is the challenge.

    The very nature of the relationships between them works against it. Again speaking only from my own experience, so much of the adult effort to keep the child part safe involves getting that child to shut up, grow up, be cool, be like everyone else, and go along to get along.

    It’s easy to get that left-brain, adult part to tell you exactly how it is and how it should be. And, with some skills and some practice it isn’t all that hard to hear from the child, right brain, back of the mind (whatever you want to call it) part.

    But when we start asking the two of them to stay present at the same time it gets a lot harder. And, yes, as you’ve pointed out, a skilled professional can be a bighelp in this, (IF they are good enough to know when to stay out of the way.)

    So far, my best efforts at doing this on my own have involved a period of focused breathing and then having the adult conscious part of me invite the child to come out and talk about what he’s thinking and feeling.

    When mixed with a lot of reassurance and understanding, this usually is very rewarding for both of us.

  2. Meili Says:

    More insight understanding on left and right brain by Jill Bolte Taylor. A touching sharing which can be viewed at TED.

    —- Subject: TED | Talks | Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight

    —- http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/229

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