Stress Management (Tips)



You are faced with a demand and you are not sure how to handle it.

You are worried.

You are afraid.

You are tense.

You are under STRESS.


Stress is part of life. Stress happens to everyone everyday as we cope with ordinary events, interact with people and meet all kinds of demands.


Everything such as rules, work, responsibility, decisions, changes, relationships, illness and money can cause stress.


A little stress is good. It makes you think and try harder as well as it stimulates and provides excitement. The stress of competitive sports, for example, is enjoyable to most people.


But too much stress or stress that goes on for a long times can be harmful.


How Stress Affects Health

Too much stress affects everyone differently.


Mentally, some people become anxious or depressed. Some become defensive or withdrawn. Others become excited or aggressive.


Some become aggressive to the extent that they actually persecute others because of their own failings.


Some pretend that the stress does not exist. They deny the existence of unpleasant facts such as a major breakdown of a relationship, failure at work, failure in personal standards or a chronic illness.


Physically, stress can lead to sleeplessness, loss of appetite, loss of concentration, nervousness, skin rashes, headaches or tiredness for no apparent reasons.


If stress is allowed to continued, the result would be serious.


How To Keep Stress Down


1. Be realistic                         — accept you looks

2. Be realistic                         –accept things you can and cannot do

3. Be realistic                         — about your income

4. Plan your work                   — be organized. Priorities

5. Limit changes                     — do not plan too many changes at one time

6. Make decisions wisely         — open your eyes of facts and think calmly

7. Keep healthy                       — poor health is stressful

8. Share your problems          — do not keep all your problems and worries to yourself

9. Build a happy family           — be kind, loving and polite

10. Make friends                   — you need friends to talk and laugh with


Extracted from Singapore Ministry of Health Training and Health Education Department



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