7 Simple Habits — healthier lifestyle


 “ Scientific civilization violates the principles of Nature… the environmental pollution and resultant damage to the human body have been caused by contaminants such as radiation, agro – chemicals, pesticides, processed foods, anti- cancer drugs, sterilizing agents, nitrogen oxides…I am a great believer in going back to natural methods. “


—Yukie Niwa, Phd in medicine and Director of the Niwa Institute of Immunology and author of Free Radicals Invite Death.


“ Only when the last tree has been cut down,

   Only after the last river has been poisoned,

   Only after the last fish has been caught,

   Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. “


—- An Old Cree Indian Saying


1.Use natural repellents like 100 % cironella oil or other herbal inset repellents from health food shops at Kumpang Senang (www.kg-senang.org.sg). Do Not use insecticide sprays or permit pesticide fogging in your area. It is harmful to humans, especially children and the elderly, pets and beneficial insects. Use mosquito nets or screens if necessary, and cover up with light loose long – sleeved clothing after dark.


2. Chemical free cleaning agents from natural veg extracts are now available. Usage of such chemicals will get into our storm drains, underground water and may eventually fall as acid rain. Inhaling and handling chemical detergents are harmful to humans and may cause serious allergies and bronchial problems even birth defects.


3. Grow your own organic herbs in pots or in the ground and get your veggies from organic outlets and farms. Local and fresh is best for health of humans and Mother Earth. Support local and neighbouring organic farms – many are family run.


4. Exercise in parks rather than aircon gyms. Wear a face mask if walking on busy roads as exhaust fumes is very hazardous for our health. But note that fumes gassing out from car upholstery now found to be even more dangerous. So air quality could be worst in the car – especially new cars – than outside.


5. Bring back that good old ratten basket mum used to carry for your weekly shopping. Use a cloth bag for smaller shopping trips. Or if your have a care, ask the shop for a cardboard carton to put your groceries in.


6. Say ‘ NO’ to plastic bags and plastic / styroform containers. The process of making these petro chemical byproducts is highly toxic and their toxic gases get into our food/ drink. When they are incinerated more toxic pollution is released into our atmosphere.


Put some old newspaper into your basket when you go to the market. When you buy chillies or limes etc. make a cone out of the news page and put these in for weighing. Shop at wet markets rather than supermarkets where everything is excessively over- packaged.


7. If you are a motorist switch off engine when parked and waiting. Park in the shade and wind down windows rather than keep the engine and aircon running. Again, better for you, your children’s health and Mother Earth.


With thanks to Teresa Teo Guttensohn of the Nature Society Singapore who first came out with these 7 habits for Nature News.




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