How do you relate to the Universe?


Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).
The habit of looking at the world “out there” as disconnected from you is entrenched; we all share a cultural bias that reserves life only for plants and animals, and that places intelligence exclusively in the brain. You can begin to break down this belief by acknowledging any hint that the inner and outer worlds are connected. Both have the same source; both are organized by the same deep intelligence; both respond to each other.

When I say that you can talk to the universe, I mean you can connect to it. If you feel depressed by a gray and rainy day, for example, see the inner and outer grayness as the same phenomenon with objective and subjective sides. If you are driving home from work and your gaze is caught by a glowing sunset, consider that Nature wanted to catch your attention, not that you and the sunset are having just an accidental encounter. On some intimate level, your existence meshes with the universe, not by chance but by intention.

When you see that life exists everywhere, acknowledge what you’re seeing. At first, it may seem peculiar to do this, but you are a co-creator, and you have the right to appreciate the patterns of connection that you’ve made. Carrying yourself like a child of the universe isn’t a game of cosmic pretend.

At the level of the field, you exist everywhere in spacetime, a scientific fact that we are carrying a step further by saying that this moment in spacetime has a special purpose in your world. It is your world, and by responding to it that way, you will begin to notice that it responds back.

On some days everything goes right. On some days everything goes wrong. At certain moments you feel absorbed into the rhythm of Nature. At some moments you feel as if you disappear into the sky or the ocean. Sometimes you know that you have always been here.

There is no defined way for you to relate to the universe. Just relate in your own way. What is yours going to be?


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