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Hanging Buddhist Monastery

October 21, 2008

Amazing Temples in the World

July 10, 2008

Tiger’s Nest Monastery, perched precariously on the edge of a 3,000-feet-high cliff in Paro Valley, is one of the holiest places in Bhutan.

Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is unlike any Buddhist temples in the world.
Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is unlike any Buddhist temples in the world.
Prambanan is a Hindu temple in Central Java, Indonesia. The temple was built in 850 CE, and is composed of 8 main shrines and 250 surrounding smaller ones.
No one knows exactly when the Shwedagon Paya [wiki] (or Pagoda) in Myanmar was built – legend has it that it is 2,500 years old though archaeologists estimate that it was built between the 6th and 10th century.
Temple of Heaven is a Taoist temple in Beijing, the capital of China. The temple was constructed in 14th century by Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty.

Chion-in Temple [wiki] was built in 1234 CE to honor the founder of Jodo (Pure Land) Buddhism,
a priest named Honen, who fasted to death in the very spot.
In the 19th century, Dutch occupiers of Indonesia found a massive ancient ruin deep in the jungles of Java. What they discovered was the complex of Borobudur, a gigantic structure built with nearly 2 million cubic feet (55,000 m³) of stones. The temple has nearly 2,700 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.
The Harmandir Sahib (meaning The Abode of God) or simply the Golden Temple [wiki] in Punjab, India is the most sacred shrine of Sikhism.
The Temple of Srirangam (Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple [wiki]), in the Indian city of Tiruchirapalli (or Trichy),is the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world (Ankor Wat is the largest of all temple, but it is currently non-functioning as a temple.
The Largest temple in history and the inspiration to countless novels and action movies : Ankor Wat. 

Slideshow starring a family of Sandhill cranes

January 10, 2008

The link below – well worth a few minutes of your time – was forwarded to me by a bird-watching friend (who got it from someone, who got it from someone else, etc.), together with this explanation:

“These pictures were taken in the Suntree area of Florida south of Cocoa & Titusville. A Sandhill crane couple recently had an exciting addition to their family. When they built their nest near the water’s edge it immediately drew attention of passers- by. Soon there were two eggs sitting on top of the nest and the mother on top of them.

The really curious passed by the site every morning and would stop their cars to get out and see if there were any new cranes yet. Many brought cameras of all shapes and sizes and would stand near the water for long periods of time hoping to catch a photo of the hatching.

Robert Grover, a dentist, didn’t actually catch the birth but, he sure did capture some fabulous shots of the Momma, Papa and baby (the second egg never hatched). Then he put together a slide show with music that is just too good not to share.”


A Glimpse of Singapore’s Past

October 29, 2007

Beauty of Inner Mongolia

September 21, 2007

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Remarkable satellite photos of landmark on Earth

August 29, 2007

Fireworks photos

August 23, 2007

Some fireworks photos taken at Singapore Independence Day celebration in 2007.

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Sungai Jagong

August 20, 2007

Scenery of Sungai Jagong (literally means “Maize River”) located in the state of Kedah, Malaysia.

[15 Oct 2007 update: A reader says this is actually some place in Croatia and not Malaysia. Any idea where exactly this is?]

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Top 15 photos from 2006 National Geographic magazine

August 17, 2007

A photo journal in Chinese

July 18, 2007




Bhutan – the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom

June 25, 2007

Click on the following link to view some nice photos of Bhutan.


Mother of the Year

June 23, 2007

In a zoo in California , a mother tiger gave birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs. Unfortunately, due to complications in the pregnancy, the cubs were born prematurely and due to their tiny size, they died shortly after birth.

The mother tiger after recovering from the delivery, suddenly started to decline in health, although physically she was fine. The veterinarians felt that the loss of her litter had caused the tigress to fall into a depression. The doctors decided that if the tigress could surrogate another mother’s cubs, perhaps she would improve.


Photos of Stupa

June 15, 2007

Visits to schools and orphanges in Nepal

May 21, 2007

I returned home safely from Nepal in early May 2007. Stationery, shoes , toys and food were bought for two primary schools and two homes.

The remaining fund has been used for the education for a nursing home for the HIV/AIDS affected children, and also the needy children of an orphanage. In the mean time, there are 11 children in a primary school and three boys of an orphanage have been sponsored for their completion of secondary school education.

Your kind donation and support have brought a ray of hope for these poor and deprived children. On their behalf, A Heartiest Thank You.

I am grateful to have your wonderful moral and/or monetary support which a fruitful and pleasant learning journey had happened for me.

If you wish to know more about the sponsorship for the children education, please let me know.