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142 Responses to “Quotes from Pravsworld.com”

  1. samisaba Says:

    I would be very happy to know you,
    I hope that gave a response to my letter, I would be at the top of happiness

  2. ritu Says:

    they are too inspiring and good

  3. nityaasri Says:

    nice and inspiring quotings

  4. Giri Raj Says:

    The Quotes u Share with all of Us r very much Inspiring &

    Thank UUUUUUUUU 🙂

  5. Teklu Says:

    It is too inspiring, it teaches me how to handle things in my life.

  6. Ali Muhammad Says:

    really i am greatfull to you all qutes are very much inspiring me really i like it

  7. Auras L Says:

    oh yes, we have a single chanse to live our life bether – every minute is the right moment to start at this way … thanks for this reflections!

  8. Benjoe Says:

    the quotes are very inspirational and motivating.kudos 4 good work.thank u

  9. maria padma Says:

    really i am greatfull to you all qutes are very much inspiring me really i like it

  10. rash Says:

    its really true what thoughts u have expressed. not only read but to implement is the real aim of mine.

    thanks for sharing great thoughts which inspire us

  11. Jenny Dangeng Says:

    Very much inspiring, some are true and facts of life.

  12. Rajkumar Says:

    Really Fantastic , Wonderful & Enthusiastic .

    Thanks a Lot for the Creative Awareness.

  13. BEVERLEY Says:



  14. BEVERLEY Says:



  15. HELLEN Says:

    That is great wise words am greatful,Thanks.

  16. HELLEN Says:


  17. semo Says:

    wonderful topic

  18. allamnaresh Says:

    good concept

  19. kevin alexander Says:

    these are really ultimate topics to lead a wonderful life.

  20. Ramani Says:

    good quotes…. this site is very as my site. keep it up.

  21. Ratish Says:

    very very inspirational and true quotes, lovely to experience life through such quotes.

  22. Alysabbagh Says:

    I like this wonderful combination between the wise words and the exceptionally expressive pictures.

  23. gtamme Says:

    I love the inspirational quotes. On some days when i feel down, i go through some of them and feel soo much better.

  24. Sandy Says:

    Really, it makes everybody think twice!!! Very helpfull quotes!

  25. Liny Says:

    These quotes are effective like glucose…it just boosts my energy!!

  26. Suraj Says:

    great quotes….
    Inspires life………

  27. Sanny Says:

    its very nice to receive that much of inspiring msg..i liked it very much



  29. SHAJU Says:

    The quotes are very nice and inspiring in life. thanks pravsworld for the great thing.

  30. Rajeev Grover Says:

    These quotes are very inspiring & very userful to live a long & simple life.


  31. John Mathew Says:

    Wonderful site to surf, when you are in low ‘pravs’ can cheer & boost my energy levels
    Thank you very much for all inspiring thoughts

  32. Kazi Dilruba Akter Lina Says:

    The site have changed my mind. I am thankful to prave for his wonderful work.

  33. sheny Says:

    Really great quotqtions

  34. Bensel Says:

    thnx for this inspiring words,you are the best

  35. Palesa Says:

    When reading your soul soothing quotes, I realised that I am not alone in this journey. Thank you for comforting words.

    May the almighty give you more strength & keep up the wonderful work.


  36. amit Says:

    i like those thoughts of yours

  37. lakshmi.v Says:

    Be not afraid of anything. You will do marvellous work. The moment you fear, you are nobody. It is fear that is the great cause of misery in the world. It is fear that is the cause of our woes, and it is fearlessness that brings heaven even in a moment. Therfore,”Arise, Awake and Stop not Till the goal is reached.

    WHENEVER I check this site.. i remember The Great Man of virtue

    Swami Vivekananda..

    Great Thoughts…

  38. topey Says:

    it’s inspiring to move on with life… no matter what!

  39. FBP Says:

    For every up and down in life, it teaches us something. The choice / way on how to do or face it casts the life ahead.

    Best wishes!

  40. Swapna Says:

    These quotes are inspiring and thought provoking and i could recollect them in particular situation.I have forwarded many of them to my friends. Thanking for each and everyone who has involved to bring this up.

  41. Bensel Says:

    life is a great journey!!! so enjoy it

  42. Angela Says:

    Your quotes are inspiring.

  43. Ellen Says:

    Your inspiring words can help change someone look things from a positive perspecitive instead of a negative perspective.

  44. Priyanka Says:

    hi really ur quotations are Good. I want it daily into my mail Id how can i. i join into pravsgroup also but i did not got mails from ur web site. i want ur daily quotations Can u Please..,
    really by reading & seeing ur’s i changed a lot towards Positive side of my Life. Thank you u very much Pravs
    Really i am inspiring by seeing ur photos and Reading ur quotations
    i Enjoying my life , i .., no words to explain Thanx you Pravsworld.com
    Canu tell how can i get daily ur’s quotation into my mail Id

  45. hina Says:

    its gr8 reading quotes n it helps a lot n its inspiring 2!!!!

  46. dina Says:

    it’s relieving to know it’s all been done b4 !!
    n it’s very inspiring indeed =) thx..

  47. Jincy Says:

    it reveals the reality ,shows the truth,just through simple words

  48. priya Says:

    ur way of awaking is really great….. ur msgs r heart touching ….. continue it… thanx for creating such site…….

  49. Smar Says:

    This is so up lifting

  50. Amol Mali Says:

    It is really inspiring us for living better life.

  51. Betty Makgoba Says:

    Why should you be explaining yourself to anyone? If you believe in something do it because people will judge you whether you are doing something good or bad.We live once and cannot waste time explaining ourselves to everyone.

  52. LIBBY Says:

    We should strive to adhere to these practices. Our lives would be so much fuller, happier and serene. Thank you Prav

  53. Shuchismita Says:

    it was verygood,inspiringand thoughtful.
    From here we learn some tips,that how to handle our things in life

  54. vinay Says:

    Hi,I like the way it is corelated with the nature and each quote is nicely placed and inspires alot.

  55. Valli Says:

    Your website is really good and useful to all of us. Hearty thanks.

  56. gunalan d Says:

    dear friend,
    IT really motivates me to read your quote everyday,makes me to feel energised and very useful at times when uncertainy of the outcome is more. on the the whole it is makes us to feel pleasant.thanks.

  57. Mary Says:

    really very good one

  58. harsh Says:

    sooo good

  59. Gifty Cobbinah Says:

    Really, your quotes are very touching and splendeous. I want more of those quotes. Thanks

  60. Gifty Cobbinah Says:

    These quotes are very helpful in life.

  61. Leninha Says:

    i am living my life today, thinking in a better future. You make part of my sucess, and i hope u keep on with this wonderful work.

  62. shashi Says:

    pravs-world.com is very very inspiring website

  63. mai radwan Says:

    i like this site because its words touch my life and my feeling , i become relax when i read these words and enjoy at the same time so plz tell me the new day by day.

  64. supinder kour Says:

    I am found of Quati.they may people feel better when they are said, they inspire them when they are in trouble. they make proudif they are already following those in their life. They touch u r heart.I like the website

  65. shivaji Says:

    Its very nice and very inspiring.

    God Bless.

  66. SUNNY Says:


  67. Christabel Says:

    I think this so far is one of the most inspirational websites
    Thanks a lot people for putting such a lovely and beneficial website on line
    Keep up the spirit

    Love you all…….

  68. bharti savani Says:

    every one thinks of changing the world,but no one thinks of changing himself. by TOLSTOY


  69. Dina Says:

    I have never seen such a beautiful website, with so much beautiful people. Thank you for uplifting my every-day !! I will make sure to tell all my friends!!

  70. santhosh Says:

    No doubt…. those r great…. eeager 2 c more from u Pravs… really u r so special… and those lines r admirable.. thanks alot….

  71. Anand Says:

    very nice quotes…just read it and feel it..these quotes will take us to new world…very inspiring quotes…

  72. Hauwa Says:

    its really touchin and wel said. . .

  73. Rezni Says:

    extremely good……nice and heart touching qoutes…

  74. DEEPA Says:

    Awesome, positve, motivational and inspirational – At any low moment in life, these definitely give you the kick to snap out of negativity and look ahead to living.

  75. Sharon Kuimbakul Says:

    A friend introduced me to Pravsworld. I didn’t really know what it was but as began to read your quotes, I literally felt such unspeakable peace in my heart. It lifted me so high and for the first time in my life I felt that I could move mountains… Your qoutes are very inspiring and I look forward in reading new ones everytime I’m free!

    Thank you and God Bless!

  76. Pexina Says:

    Very powerful,

    These quotes came into my life just at the very right time.

    Thanks a million,

  77. Govind Kuber Says:

    Truely to heart touching quotes and which inpire a person who is within you and take us forward to some extent. nice one

  78. FABRINO Says:

    Actually this message is quite philosophical it reminds me of my great times when I was dealing with ideas of hereclitus, pytagoras, socrates and other great philosophers. Actually ideas of this people are always on time they never lost their value, in history of humanity.

  79. Steven Says:

    I got to know this sites last week through a friend and since then i’ve been finding it irresistable.Honestly,you’ve touched my life in so many ways and i can’t wait to touch another person’s life.

  80. warren williams Says:

    thank you for putting this together, its a wonderful site

  81. warren williams Says:

    you have a wonderful heart

  82. Kishor Says:

    hi, really ur quotes are excellent and inspiring !!

    Thank you u very much Pravs

    Pl. advise me l how can get daily ur’s quotes into my mail Id..

    Many Thanks…..

  83. noor-jahan Says:

    a friend sent me an email with one of your quotes and have since then made that qoute my screensaver.in a world so fast paced you need to read stuff that reminds you of whats important in life, it sorta keeps you grounded.keep up the good work

  84. martin Says:

    qoutes are real inspiring bringing someone back to life and view things in a positive way
    thanks much

  85. gunaseelan Says:

    this are the best quotes i ever came across.

  86. jhonrossarandia Says:

    if not for you
    i would never known love at all

    thank you soooo! much

  87. sontel Says:

    the quotes are all good, i take them like food

  88. Marcos A dos Santos Says:

    Good Quotes..

    I like it very very much.. and wish the world follows this as explaining and clearing the confusion means a lot of talking and waste of time unnecessarilly.
    Marcos dos Santos – Goa (India) (Portuguese Goa)

  89. raza Says:

    nice job dear …keep going ..may God bless u!

  90. Lipika Says:

    Meaningful quotes, provided one imbibes those words and the words don’t remain just that….words.

  91. Tajul Islam Says:

    I m very much interested and curious about the domain of this website….may I shall be able to like this site….01716 063865

  92. rachel Says:

    please forward me dairly quote via my emails, thanks

  93. Elham Says:

    I just love such kind of quotes.

  94. Elham Says:

    Yesterday I read a nice sentence that I wanted to share with u.”It does not matter how strong ur opinions r. If u do not use ur power for the positive change u r indeed part of the problem.

  95. Roney Says:

    it’s very nice……

  96. arandi Says:

    the quotes are fantastic.

  97. abhishek Says:

    i don’t know by what i can thank u,,,,,,,,,,,,,no words to express,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wonderful job ur doing,,,,,,,,may god bless u forever,,,,

  98. NAJEME Says:

    Hi, I am kind of inspired by these quotes.I actually received it first from my Sister/Friend.I think it actually transformed the way I was thinking about life and people and, now I think real and positive about everything.

  99. teju Says:

    they r lovely n applicable in lives of people.my feeling is amazing when reading those words which gives mnch relife even when we talk to people.

  100. teju Says:

    they r very effective and my feeling is amazing when reading those words which r sooo pleasent n they r applicable in our daily lives.

  101. teju Says:

    thankyou pravsworld.i just need them at least one quote in my mailid.really i cant express them in words.

  102. sahithi Says:

    hi iam sahithi. the quotes are very good and i need them daily in my mailid.

  103. narayan Says:

    I am interested in the quote.

  104. damie Says:

    i lov quote

  105. anthony l joseph Says:

    thank you pravsworld as the words have touched me, my friends and changed the way of life.

  106. eshwari Says:

    need some of good quotes every day.

  107. Sh Says:

    please forward me daily quote and pps via my emails, thanks

  108. N Says:

    please forward me daily quote and pps via my emails, thanks 🙂

  109. grace Says:

    got to know this sites today through a friend and since then i’ve been finding it irresistable.Honestly,you’ve touched my life in so many ways and i can’t wait to touch another person’s life. please so if possible send it every day to touch others also

  110. J Says:

    My prof, showed me this quotes and got amazed through all the sayings, it’s wonderful and saw the sites on each quotes she had shown. thank you!! hope to see more lovely, inspirational quotes in our daily life.

  111. pardis Says:

    hi i want to be a memmber in your site

  112. jp ntvidad Says:

    very inspirational it touches me… pls advise me how can i get your daily quotes into my mail id… thanks in advanced:-)

  113. Nirmal Upadhyay Says:

    I I will be thankk ful to the pravsworld for the subscription can you please subscribe me for the daily quote.

  114. Nirmal Upahdyay Says:

    Please allow me to be a part of your daily quote.

  115. Sondes Says:

    how to get this quotes throgh mail, i found hard to get an option

  116. Dilruba akter Says:

    really you’re quotes alive in surrounding leading life; Have a nice future & nice life for u. hopeful to your success.


  117. Percy DMello Says:

    Very inspiring quotes…very impressive…just like starting your day with Prayer…..just like Water to quench your thirst …Thanks pravsworld…would love to have a dose of it daily.

  118. trizzie Says:


  119. kobra Says:

    Very inspiring quotes…

  120. Ita Rositawati Says:

    thank you pravsworld as the words have touched me, my friends and changed the way of life.

  121. zwelakhe Says:


  122. ita Says:

    Sharing what we have, Bringing hope to the lost, And giving love to the lonely.

  123. karlene Says:

    i find these messages very inspiring and touching i would like to recieve it everyday to give me a go ahead from day to day

  124. nora Says:

    these messages touch me hart and make me feel glad

  125. rajnishsingh Says:


  126. swapnil Says:

    great quotes

  127. edgar Says:

    u jst kip me moving…

  128. Dikeledi Betty Makgoba Says:

    No one is bigger than the other one, that’s the reason we have male and female individuals, to assist one another. Do not let anyone dictate your life!

  129. Neetu mirwani Says:

    I love to read thanx

  130. Sharnaka shantye Says:

    i enjoy these quotes..they are inspiring

  131. Anonymous Says:

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    up for the good information youve gotten right here on this post.
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  135. Richard De Leon Says:

    The quotations are simple, enligthening, and it change my perspective of things and life in a very positive way. My deepest appreciation to PRAVSWORLD! Continue touching lives!

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  137. Alex Says:

    Really love this quotes.

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